Terminal 12A


Terminal 12A attracts and retains a talented workforce to deliver positive results to the parties interested in its operations. The organisational structure was sized and defined to generate synergy while conducting the processes which comprise our integrated management system.

Terminal 12A is located inside the organised port of Santos. It has a leased area of approximately 10 thousand square feet for cargo reception and storage. It also shares an area with the “general public” used to load ships.

To receive and store goods, Terminal 12A has road and rail weighing scales, platforms to unload trucks, a hopper to unload wagons and a warehouse registered with CONAB with the static capacity of 90 thousand tons. This structure allows the terminal to receive up to 13 thousand tons a day.

The loading structure of Terminal 12A consists of state-of-the-art equipment, allowing loading up to 40 thousand tons per day.

All equipment in Terminal 12A has security devices with world-class technology, and they are monitored real-time by electronic devices. Our processes and equipment are audited every year "in loco" by an international insurer.