Terminal 12A

About us

In June 2010, Terminal 12A began its operations and it moved 900,000 tons in that year. Steadily and systematically, the terminal increased its results and currently it moves around 3 million tons per year.

In 2012, Terminal 12A obtained a quality certification (ISO9001), an environmental certification (ISO14001) and an occupational health and safety certification (OHSAS18001), proving how efficient and effective its services are. In 2013, Terminal gained a certification as Warehouse Unit (product safety) from the Ministry of Agriculture (Regulatory Instruction number 29, 2011) and a certification from the Ministry of Justice, with a registration in the IMO in Geneva, in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS CODE).

Also in 2012, Terminal 12A adjusted its facilities in order to meet the directives published by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service and the Customs Office at the Port of Santos, regarding the control of access to vehicles, persons and goods to their facilities and requirements to control the logistical flow of vehicles in the Port of Santos.

The terminal has a strict Integrated Management System Policy and its values are integrity, entrepreneurship, commitment, respect and collaboration, workers safety, compliance with the applicable law, cleanliness and organization in its facilities, risk management, and delivery of financial results to the shareholders.