Terminal 12A


Terminal 12A provides services such as receipt, storage and loading of ships with solid bulk of vegetal origin with speed and efficiency via a chain of processes structured in order to reach operating excellence, while conducting its activities as Port Operator.

Terminal 12A verifies the compliance of all the contracts entered into with Clients and Suppliers. The performance assessment of the suppliers is carried out every six months and the Customer Satisfaction Survey is carried out for every service provided with the purpose of achieving 100% of the opportunities of improvements.

Terminal carries out an internal and external change management in its business environment, and every quarter it aligns the focus of its integrated management system in order to reach its long-term strategy and high added value for all shareholders.

We control the “quality” and “quantity” of the goods handled in our facilities, operating as a depositary of the Clients with JUCESP and the Customs Office of the Port of Santos. In order to control the quality of the product, the terminal uses a specialised company, registered with MAPA, SAL, FOSFA, GAFTA and INMETRO. The control regarding quantity of products unloaded is made available via a web platform for the Customs Office of the Port of Santos. The process is also filmed by more than 40 cameras installed in strategic points in the bonded area.


Every day Terminal 12A manages the logistical flow of vehicles of Clients from their original areas in the interior of the country to the Truck Yard in Cubatão, where the parking spaces are hired according to the demand, and then taken to Terminal 12A’s facilities. For such, it uses a logistical scheduling platform via the web, available 24-hour a day to its suppliers and Clients.

Price List

Soybean/Corn – FCA Elevation and Shippment R$ 34,10 by/ton
Soybean/Corn – FOB Elevation and Shippment R$ 37,98 by/ton
Soybean Meal – FCA Elevation and Shippment R$ 40,90 by/ton
Soybean Meal – FOB Elevation and Shippment R$ 44,75 by/ton